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Increases the cost of your product and highlights its advantages

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Design efficiency by numbers

According to McKinsey research companies that set a high value on design of their products (MDI) have increased their revenue over 5 years.

Moderate design of brand

We stand for translucent modern solutions.

The process
Development stages

The final result should attract buyer and reflect key advantages of a product.

  • Search
    for ideas

    Category overview, collection of references, selection of directions
  • Concept

    Selection and development of directions
  • Logo

    Developing a log block and defining a place for it
  • Assembling
    color palette

    Colors are defined that support the overall communication
  • Working
    with fonts

    Selecting fonts that match the concept
  • Finalization

    Revision of the selected option
  • Prepress

    Preparing files according to production requirements
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Development from scratch Rebranding

Data for the feedback

Packaging design

Packaging is one of the main elements of consumer branding. This kind of “face” of the product, allowing him to speak with the consumer. Usually, buyers prefer not a simple product, but products with character and history. The clearer the packaging reflects the strengths of the brand, the more attractive its products look on the store shelf.

The visual elements that visualize the strategy and history of the company help to achieve this effect. Sometimes even many advantages do not guarantee brand success in the market. This may be the unfortunate appearance of products. The individual parts of the package (label, form and its elements) must be balanced and convey a single idea in order to speak the same language with customers. Therefore, during the development of the design of the outer shell of products, we take into account not only the functionality, usability and dimensions of the product, but also its originality, non-standard presentation, aesthetics. This allows you to make effective product communications.

The process of developing a selling design

Label design development includes not only the appearance factor. Maximum effect can be achieved with the right combination of ideological, visual and material components. Signs of a selling design:

  • compliance with the rules of the category;
  • compliance with a ready-made corporate style of the company;
  • modern pitch that meets market trends;
  • functionality and convenience from a logistic point of view;
  • displaying important information in convenient places of the label, intuitive simplicity.

Packaging design tests focus group. It should be borne in mind that the opinions of people from Moscow may differ significantly from the opinions of potential customers from Vladivostok. Therefore, the design of the appearance of products should be trusted to the agency, which has experience in a certain category of products and understands the target audience.

Packaging Design – Marketing

Many marketing studies show that label design can influence sales. Appearance, price and experience of using the product remain the main criteria for its selection.

To achieve the desired effect, the creators of label design take into account some features:

  • development of non-standard forms that distinguish products from competitors;
  • “Game” in a certain area of positioning;
  • “Communication” with the target audience in one visual language;
  • drawing RTB, logo and other components of the general communication.

How much is the label design?

The cost of developing the appearance of the package depends on the goals. This may be the creation of a new company from scratch, a slight restyling or rebranding (full brand renewal). In the latter case, the company name, its logo and branding is updated.
The price of developing a visual label design also depends on a combination of a number of other factors.

What questions need to be disclosed in the brief to increase the efficiency of our work?

  • the history of your business;
  • brand positioning;
  • belonging to a price niche;
  • sales strategy and territory;
  • what you like and what you do not like in the packaging design of competitors;
  • what suits or does not suit in already existing packaging;
  • the purpose of the redesign of the product;
  • mandatory elements of the future label;
  • what details should be avoided;
  • number of SKUs in the lineup.

Why should you entrust the design of the layout to us?

  1. our agency is focused on consumer branding;
  2. we are constantly improving and monitoring Russian and global marketing trends;
  3. we perform work just in time;
  4. we complete each project;
  5. we work with the client on the principle of win-win;
  6. our office is in Moscow.
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