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The name is the core of the brand

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What we take into account when we develop naming:
Naming development stages
  • Competitoranalysis

  • Marketresearch

  • Developmentof name variants

  • Search and check in the fact retrieval system and search engines

  • Domainname validation

  • Testing nameson the target audience


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Naming - what it means and its role in the business


The name allows you to identify products on the market. It, in turn, should reflect the nature of the brand as much as possible. Naming is the art of giving accurate names to products. The task of the ideal name is to ensure that the consumer receives the most complete information about the product before they see it. Being engaged in naming, it is necessary to consider the requirements for an effective name:

  • sonority - the more pleasant it is to pronounce a word or phrase, the greater the likelihood of their frequent sounding;
  • catchiness;
  • originality;
  • easy pronunciation and clear stress;
  • positive in the absence of negative connotations.

The name is part of the product legend, which is an indispensable tool for brand positioning in the market. The correct approach to naming reveals great opportunities. So a potential buyer will get the first idea about the image of the company, its products (services).

The name is easier to create after an objective assessment of the rational and emotional characteristics of the product, taking into account its greatest strengths. This is done to form the most accurate message to the target audience. This is the real naming!

What to look for


Naming is part of the concept of product positioning in the market. Brand name, slogan - all this will not have proper meaning without the right strategy and analytics. For successful naming, it is necessary to create a “catchy” story, think over and bring the brand philosophy. Preliminary studies should be conducted on the current state and projected market trends.

Basic requirements for the legend:

  • Uniqueness;
  • Credibility;
  • A clear relationship between all points of the story;
  • Benefits against the rest.

If the above points are observed, it remains to correctly submit the legend to the consumer.

Technical issues


Naming is classified by:

  • Traditional. As part of its product receives a name similar to other brands. The weak point of this option is the fact that a product with a standard name can easily be lost against the rest.
  • Descriptive. This type of naming implies entering into a concise name a maximum of information about the product and its properties.
  • Geographical. This naming implies a reference to a remarkable locality.
  • Associative. The name causes the consumer association when thinking about the product.

Naming is closely associated with comprehensive research of the brand, and this takes time. To create a slogan, the legend, the name of the product, and to avoid miscalculations at the same time you need - to attract specialists. Our company is one of the most successful, among those that are engaged in activities to promote the brand. Contact us - we will make your brand strong! In terms of naming, we do a lot of work:

  • We analyze the customer's requirement for the name.
  • We explore the target audience, including features of the lexicon.
  • We make many variants of preliminary names, we carry out their primary generation. During this stage, inappropriate options are eliminated.
  • Testing of items selected in the framework of the primary generation. Experts are involved in this work.
  • We make the final choice of the name, check it in FIPS for similarity, in order to avoid difficulties with the patent.

Close cooperation with us is effective, because our specialists have extensive experience. Call or leave a request on the site! The cost of work depends on their complexity.

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