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Stakes from the MiratorgCompany – for a long time the quality sign and a guarantee of excellent taste. But even such high standards do not have a limit, and as proof to it the company starts a new line of bonus stakes of the highest quality – Signature

The team of branding agency Anvil hook worked on a creative part of the project. The main objective was in making packing bonus expended, but at the same time to inform of the main characteristics of a product: the best part of selected beef of bull-calves of Blackings special criteria of quality of production in combination with automatic and manual control. It was decided to make packing by the cleanest, but with several accents which will inform of the main advantages of a product.

Analyzing a bonus segment of this category, there was a decision to use white color as a basis. He will allow allocating a brand in lines of stakes of the company and, of course, will force to draw the attention of the consumer when choosing among competitors.

The font composition led by bright accent which selected the name of the Signature brand became a basic element of design. The cursive of the name of a brand emphasizes uniqueness and individual quality control of production.

In confirmation of quality product the press performs with communication that is made stakes from the best part of bull-calves of BlackAngusPrime. And to meet expectations of the consumer, the most part of packing is occupied by a transparent window with a product which will allow choosing the necessary drawing of a marble of beef. And for fans of stakes of dry ripening, at packing there is a special silver strip – the identifier which will allow not to be mistaken when choosing.

And the most important is a recipe of preparation of an ideal stake, with a detailed step-by-step illustration. It is placed packings on the back and it is ideal will allow to prepare a stake even if you will do it for the first time.

Also we developed a number of advertising materials for a brand.

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