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Brand audit

Brand audit (brand audit).

Comprehensive brand audit – events for a comprehensive study of its current state. Held before rebranding, mergers, access to additional markets, other stages of the company’s development. Comprehensive audit is an analysis of a brand with its strengths and weaknesses, an assessment of the current position in the market. The opinion of the target audience about the brand is taken into account.

Deep brand audit opens up opportunities for solving serious strategic tasks:

  • development of optimal development paths;
  • range expansion;
  • an increase in the target audience;
  • optimization of management processes.

In a comprehensive study of the brand, the key factor is objectivity.

Features of internal company research


Internal brand audit examines the basic components of an organization:

  • ideology;
  • corporate culture;
  • external attitude to the company;
  • a set of used marketing activities;
  • risks and competitiveness.

By ideology means:

  1. Mission.
  2. Priority idea.
  3. The goals that determine the development of a brand at the global level are several years ahead.

An audit of ideological foundations helps to develop a long-term strategy. Key values are determined, the importance of which is proven in practice. All the leading companies in the world are built on a strong ideology.

Monitoring of corporate culture allows you to develop an optimal personnel policy. In assessing the attitude to the company, its reputation and the effectiveness of managing external communications are shown. Objectively evaluated marketing applied in recent years. If necessary, adjustments are made to the policy of promotion of goods or services.

SWOT analysis is an assessment of risks, product competitiveness, taking into account internal and external factors. In the course of his determined strengths and weaknesses of the brand. According to its results, the further development of the brand is adjusted.

Objectives of external audit


In the framework of external analysis are evaluated:

  • global macroenvironment, its possible changes;
  • current state of the market, key trends of its development;
  • competitors;
  • consumer behavior.

In the course of the study, the macroenvironment, we study in detail the global trends in business, the economic sector, science, technology and other areas. External analysis allows you to form (or adjust) the brand positioning strategy in the future.

The behavior of the target audience is changing, it requires constant study, if necessary, rethinking of individual nuances. When analyzing customers, the attractive characteristics of your products are found.

Analysis of the behavior of competitors determines the “strength” of a product or service in comparison with competitors and companies currently recognized as market leaders.

Efficient optimization tool


The main results of the audit of the company is an objective vision of the business and brand, finding ways to improve. The information obtained is confirmed by figures, serves as the basis for the complex development of a brand or making individual business decisions:

  • current positioning;
  • platform;
  • type of product;
  • logo;
  • title;
  • corporate identity;
  • packaging design, other visual communications with the target audience.

Future prospects, approximate rebranding or restyling terms are taken into account.

Obtaining accurate data for complex audit requires training, knowledge, and practical experience. For this work, professional agencies with a good reputation are involved, which will eliminate errors.

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