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is the external image of the enterprise in the eyes of consumers, partners and employees.

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Components of corporate identity

Designing visual identifiers requires a detailed study of the brand for which they are designed.

The presence of a corporate identity inspires the trust of customers and partners
Stages of creating a corporate identity

Consumers associate memorable details and images only with a certain brand. This is a kind of the company's showpiece, which helps in the formation of its image and is fixed in the minds of customers.

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The market for goods and services today is saturated and overflowed with a variety of names and logos. New firms are faced with high competition, which can be overcome with the help of visual symbols, images, signs. We are talking about corporate symbolism, logo, and other elements of brand identification. Consumers' details and images are associated only with a certain product. This is a kind of enterprise business card that helps in shaping its image and is fixed in the minds of customers. Many global brands began their journey with a single logo, eventually overgrowing with other branding elements.

What is the corporate style of the company?


Brand styling is a complex of images and graphic symbols that are necessary to identify a brand. It simultaneously performs several functions:

  • creating an image of the company;
  • identification of branded goods;
  • differentiation - the allocation of products and services of the company among the total mass of analogues.

To develop a unique image, it is necessary to study the market in detail in order to find optimal solutions for attracting the target audience. You also need to make a rigorous comparison of the symbols of competitors who provide similar services or produce goods with similar characteristics.

What is necessary to create a unique style of the company?


The design of visual identifiers requires a detailed study of the brand for which they are designed. Our specialists begin work with the formation of a brief containing the necessary information about the company. It includes:

  • history and positioning of the company;
  • strategy and geography of the company;
  • price niche;
  • analysis of the existing style of the enterprise;
  • comparison of brand symbols with images of competing firms;
  • definition of the main tasks;
  • customer requirements, his attitude to those or other details.

At each stage of creating an individual style we conduct an active dialogue with the client, taking into account the priority wishes of the customer. At the same time, our specialists monitor changes in the market and study innovations in the work of competitors.

How we are working


The corporate symbols created by us consist of a set of components for identifying a company, products, and services. It includes:

  • naming - drawing up the brand name;
  • logo / trademark development;
  • drawing up a slogan or corporate hero;
  • Key-visual - the main image, reflecting the company's position in the market;
  • a complex of shapes, colors, graphics and font characters;
  • creating a guideline - the rules for using an individual style;
  • development of a brand book consisting of business cards, advertising booklets, corporate envelopes and other corporate media.

The formation of the original symbolism by our specialists includes the compilation of a visual information block, which plays the role of a peculiar company face. He will be responsible for separating products and services from the general flow, as well as for their sale.

The main stages of creating a unique style


The first and main stage in the development of branding is personal communication with the customer. Then begins the development of the original style, consisting of several working stages:

  • competitive environment research;
  • identification of consumer needs;
  • formation of the company's positioning;
  • name development;
  • creating several sketches (at least 4 variants) of the logo;
  • development of visual elements that identify the brand;
  • branding of all existing media, which are indicated in the brief.

After the end of the work, we analyze the changes in the market, studying the reaction of consumers to the new brand symbolism. Our experts will offer an adjustment to the created style and make changes to the company's visual image.

The price of corporate identity will be known only after filling out a detailed brief and determining the stages of work. Each company is unique, so we individually approach the fulfillment of all tasks. Our main goal is your success, because it helps us grow. Write, call, come - and we use all our knowledge and capabilities to create a unique image of your company.

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