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Geocon is one of the oldest engineering and survey companies in Russia, providing a full range of research services: geology, geodesy, geophysics, ecology, engineering inspection, which has its own laboratory.

There was an expected update of the company’s identity, clarifying its position in the market. It was necessary to create a sign that meets the criteria of uniqueness and simplicity, accurately conveying the scientific and technical nature of the company’s activities.

The prototype of the basic form was a rectangular two-dimensional plan, the outlines of the building, its cubage. Engineering research is a pre-construction stage, without which, however, no architectural objects can be erected. A measuring square and a unified image of a multi-level structure, a staircase and a bar graph are taken as two upper elements complementing the grapheme of the initial G / G. Each slot of images emphasizes the continuity of communication with the architecture, the accuracy of calculations and the analytical specifics of the company’s survey work.

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