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— Helps sell packaging and digital
— Go public about the product and se thrvices quickly and clearly
— Reflect the essence of the brand in the logo
— Make clear navigation
— Show important information in the instructions
— Emphasise the original of design
— Show brand character

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According to the purpose illustration could be:

1. Technical or sketching. For example visualization of architectural projects, instructions, storyboards

2. Infographic or visual-statistical images (including pictograms, ideograms, etc.

3. Full-fledged freestanding illustration (poster, book)

By the method of performance illustration could be:

— Vector

— Raster

By style:

— Pop Art
— Promotional
— Packaged
— In logos
— In books
— Comics

How we create illustrations:

— What kind of techniques do we use: watercolor, black and white mascara, or mixed media

— The ideal color sustained monochrome or a complete riot of color?

— More dynamics or peace of mind depending on the task of the customer and of the goods

— Choose the size and image format for the site or product packaging

— Detailed drawing or minimalism in detail choose what style of image will be


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Illustration plays a big role in the development of visual communication. It adds emotionality, can set the overall style and form a visual language. Often, a characteristic character, who plays the role of a corporate hero and the face of a company is responsible for solving the main task. In packaging design, this function is primarily performed by the product image.

Quality picture determines the overall attractiveness of the product.


The illustration can create both a good and a bad impression, so it is important for the manufacturer to convey the right mood to encourage the customer to buy a product or service. Anvilhook specialists will create an original and effective image that will help you achieve your goals.

The development of an illustration means:

  • orientation to a specific target audience;
  • transfer of rights and complete uniqueness;
  • the emergence of positive emotions among potential customers;
  • strengthening the loyalty of the target audience to the product.

Factors affecting the price


The cost of creating an illustration is affected by several points:

  • detalization – the variation in stylistics can be from drafting to photorealism;
  • development of a corporate hero or product group;
  • work within the chosen style;
  • number of image options.

The main stages of the development of illustrations


Creating a visual image is carried out in three stages:

  1. Setting goals and objectives. The project manager finds out from the customer the mandatory requirements and wishes. After clarifying all important details, a technical assignment (TOR) is compiled with a detailed analysis of each item;
  2. Determining the style and direction of the future illustration by the method of selection and approval of references;
  3. Adjustment of the selected option. After the development of concepts, the client is determined with the layout he likes, which is then finalized taking into account all requirements. Illustrator uses the data to create the final version of a single drawing or series.

What can be ordered with the development of illustrations?


Creating a brand identity does not end with the creation of visual images. To increase the effectiveness of brand identification, you should also use:

  • Additional naming for the product line. Its essence boils down to the differentiation of the company’s products to provide customers with a choice. Products are combined into groups on several grounds: functional, value, concept, target audience;
  • Creation of additional original RTB;
  • Constructive branding, the development of unique forms for the whole package, and separately for the label.

You can order an illustration for packaging and labels at the anvil hook branding agency. We will develop a variant that is suitable for the style, and will also take part in the preparation of the material for printing and the release of the first edition.

What styles can be used to create drawings


The design of the image is not limited to the stylistic framework. The design direction depends on the specifics of the product:

  • Realism best conveys the texture and size of the goods. Drawings in this style combine naturalism and picturesqueness;
  • Vector graphics involve the use of clear and simple images, allowing for an infinite increase in the size of the image without losing quality;
  • Cartoon style is suitable for the formation of a visual image for children’s products;
  • Watercolor is used to create an “emotional” concept that creates the necessary mood;
  • Sketches are sketches or careful drawings resembling drawings made in pencil;
  • Engraving is often used in cases where you need to focus on the historical roots of the company, the seriousness of the brand and its connection to the past.

Advertising image is not necessary to perform in the listed styles. This area is open to creative experiments that allow you to create vivid, creative and relevant illustrations.

Where might image development be needed?


Scope of drawings is quite wide:

  • Elaboration of corporate heroes;
  • Creating a company logo;
  • Use in print and all types of advertising;
  • The formation of storyboards.
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