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Often, brands have to significantly change their content to preserve the popularity of products and services. The reasons for this need may be a change in the preferences of the target audience, a rapidly changing market, the emergence of strong competing companies in the segment. As part of a specific task, rebranding may be superficial and boil down to making minor amendments to the logo and packaging design of goods. This process is called restyling. However, sometimes there is a global change in the corporate style of a company, which characterizes the cardinal processing of the basic elements of a brand and a trademark.

In our time, rebranding is considered a popular tool. There are many cases where companies that have decided on such a step have achieved great success. However, this action requires decisive action from the management of the company.

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Weighty argument


Updating the style of a company by the laboriousness of the process is practically no different from developing a new brand. Different factors may become catalysts for the launch of such a transformation: an increase in competition, a backwardness from modern trends in market development, the seizure of a new market space. Often, rebranding remains the only way to save the brand.

Updating the company’s website deserves special attention. This work is carried out to increase its productivity and ease of use for users. This problem can be solved not only by experienced programmers, but also by designers who create an attractive image of the company.

Stages of brand renewal


The classic rebranding procedure includes several main stages:

  • detailed verification of the financial and corporate activities of the company;
  • market research;
  • definition of the main goals and objectives;
  • strategy Development;
  • constructing a new brand;
  • project approval;
  • representation of the public.

Rebranding is a complex process that requires a lot of time to achieve the desired result.

When brand renewal is needed


The need for rebranding occurs in such cases:

  • external image of the company does not meet the current needs of the target audience;
  • there was a need to expand the target audience;
  • the company is entering a new market;
  • there have been dramatic changes in the economic climate.

This list includes only the main situations forcing the company’s management to think about rebranding.

The benefits of changing the image of the company


A well-organized and thought-out brand change program will bring a lot of benefits to the organization:

  1. Increases customer loyalty to the company;
  2. Target audience expands;
  3. Strengthening the position of the company, increasing its market share;
  4. There is a possibility of a large-scale advertising campaign.


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