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POS materials

Point of sales (POS) are advertising aids that promote the brand at the points of sale.

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Main goals:

— Orientation - localization of the place of sale of your brand

— Informing - indicating the presence of your brand at the point of sale

— Communicative function - inform of product details at the image level

— Motivation - the urge to buy
— Exposure - emphasis on your brand
— Branding - strengthening recognition

Types of POS materials
How do we do? Development stages

We do not just draw a beautiful picture! Creating POS-material that implements the tasks is a set of measures including

Stage 1 - We do not just draw a beautiful picture! Creating POS-material that implements the tasks is a set of measures including

Stage 2 - Formation of conclusions and positioning

Stage 3 - Design concept creation

  • Stage 1.

  • Audience analysis

  • Market analysis

  • Competitor analysis

  • stage2
    Key takeaways

  • stage3


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Modern advertising tools are able to stimulate sales, while remaining fairly budget and easy way to communicate with the buyer. These tools include POS materials. Their development is an important stage in building a comprehensive brand advertising campaign.

The very name POSM (“Point of Sales Materials”) implies that advertising materials are placed directly at the point of sale. POSM includes tools for attracting attention to the product: wobblers, shelftokers, stoppers, stands, price tags, tablets, brochures, flyers, etc. POS-materials come to the attention of a potential buyer in just a few seconds – during this time they should prompt him to take action. Our branding agency develops the design of promotional materials, which are simply impossible to pass.


Material Development Process


First of all, it is important to determine the function of the future advertising product, to think over the general design concept. These two factors, as well as the technical requirements of the point of sale, influence how POSM will look. The basis may be a finished advertising project or a customer concept. The cost is affected by the material, size, and complexity of designs, circulation and post-printing processing. To order, simply fill out the feedback form on the website or call the contact phone number.


The main types of POSM


  • A wobbler (from the English “wobbler” – bait, bait) is a small-sized printing element, most often of circular shape, attached to the surface with an elastic “leg”. Placed in the checkout area or directly near the rack.
  • Stopper – stops a potential buyer and attracts his attention to a specific product. This is a small banner that is perpendicularly attached to the end of the shelf. It can be placed both inside the store and on the facade of the place of sale.
  • Shelftoker (from the English. “Shelf Talker” – talking shelf) – advertising structure, which is attached to the shelf and makes it “talk” about a particular product or group of goods. With the help of the shelftocker, it is possible to draw a shelf and eliminate competitive goods from the shelf.
  • The price tag is a type of printing products that carries information about the value of the product, its composition, and characteristics. It is made both in the style of the product itself and in the place of its sale.
  • Nekhenger (from the English. “Neckhanger” – collar) – POS-material that is attached to the neck of the bottle. Usually, in addition to the company logo and the name of the product, it indicates the cost, displacement. Used for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, household chemicals, cosmetics.


Our branding agency develops POS-materials for solving specific marketing problems. We realize the promise to purchase goods in the form of original advertising materials and advise our customers on how to attract potential customers. Increase your brand awareness – fill in the feedback form on the website or contact our phone managers.

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