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Prepress is a prerequisite for obtaining the final printed product that fully matches the layout.

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Primary requirements

Layout design + prepress = finished printed product of high quality.
Prepress is a difficult and important stage that requires certain knowledge and preparation. After all, it is the stage that the details on which the quality and appearance of the products will depend in the future are laid.

Prepress stages
  • Styling

  • Color correction

  • Page-proofs

  • Making a color proofand test sample

  • Manufacturingof printing plates


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In the design process, the design looked great, and the finished print product did not come out as you expected? To avoid this situation, carefully consider the prepress process or prepress. At this stage it is determined what the finished printing product will look like.

Pre-press processing “customizes” the layout to the technological requirements of printing, the materials used, the circulation and the requirements of the printing house. If all the technological processes of the prepress are performed correctly, then in the final it will turn out to make plates for printing the image. Meanwhile, mistakes made will lead to loss of time and money.

Stages of prepress

  • Design: a layout is created and a common style is developed for future printing products.
  • Color correction: consists of the initial processing of a graphic image, text conversion and further work with the layout. At this stage, trapping is performed - the process of compensating for errors in printing.
  • Layout - is to determine the size of the sheet, allowances for trimming and type of layout on the sheet.
  • Production of color proof and test sample: the correctness of the color transfer is checked. Only after approval of the signal samples by the customer can one proceed to the final stage.
  • Platemaking: plates are created that transfer the image to the material.

Over technical stages the printing house works. But it is simply impossible to go on to implement them without a layout that was made according to all the rules.

Layout Tips:

  • Work only with special programs for creating printing layouts: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign. Do not work in Word or Paint.
  • Do not place important items close to the edge of the sheet, leave 5 mm for “overhangs”.
  • Transfer the layout from RGB mode to CMYK mode - this is how you will see the color reproduction as close as possible to the printed version.
  • Carefully read the text and translate it into curves, i.e. turn text characters into graphics.

Creating a layout, as well as each of the prepress stages, is not an easy step that requires certain knowledge and training. To order prepress processing from professionals of our agency, simply fill out the feedback form on the website or call the contact phone number.

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