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Anvilhook is the Moscow branding agency specializing in development of decisions for corporate and consumer branding.

Our collective is the team of young and talented creators, designers and strategists – natives of other large agencies. We created the special, proved approach to creativity. We strive for harmony of all components of a brand and lack of its inefficient elements. We safely use classical and innovative approaches in work. We use the tools checked by time, we modernize and we optimize branding of goods or services of our clients.

We consider that each brand has the character and identity. If something successfully worked for one product, it does not mean yet that it will be also successfully used also for another. Therefore we carefully study brand history, its positioning, strategy, the market and competitors. We seek to pay attention to each detail. Sometimes one, at first sight, imperceptible element at the correct giving is the most memorable in a brand.

Each employee of our collective not just the professional in the area, but also the enthusiast of the business. Therefore we approach all projects with eagerness and interest. We do work both for our clients, and for ourselves! Recognition of the creativity which on advantage is appreciated by others brings to any creative person great pleasure. We also aspire to it – creative, high-quality work and strong, effective brands.

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