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Brand positioning is a niche occupied by a product or service in the minds of consumers.

To do this is necessary to conduct research:
- the product or service we sell
- explore competitors
- explore the entire market and trends
- conduct analytics on competitors

Find out the cost
Market research

product / service
marketing / finance
management / staff

What is going on?

market / dynamics segments niches of opportunity
dangers / trends / future

What competitors can not offer?

main / indirect / product
value service / marketing
promises / style / character

What do consumers looking for?

Potential audience
the target audience
characteristics, needs.
barriers: driver instances


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Positioning is the foundation of business success


Successful brand positioning is based on two factors: the consumer’s expectation of the effect of a product or service, and the company’s ability to meet these expectations. Depends on the nature of products and services, the target audience, other factors. Positioning is associated with the analysis of the market and competitors, which are the key to a proper development strategy.
The own brand also needs a detailed analysis. It stands out its rational and emotional side, which attracts the target audience.

How to achieve results


Highlighting the key positive indicators of the brand against competitors is the foundation of successful positioning, including aspects:

  1. The main idea, reflecting the key activities of the company.
  2. Knowledge of the target audience: interests, average age, region and area of residence.
  3. Brand Attributes.

The latter should be unique, as they often have a major role in the promotion.

How to build brand positioning


The following positioning concepts apply:

  1. Attributive – a unique attribute plays the main role in attracting the client.
  2. Allocation of rational merits. The emphasis is on the main functional features of the product. So, at one time, the company Duracell declared itself as the manufacturer of the most long-playing batteries.
  3. Work on the target audience. A product or service must meet its expectations.
  4. Opposition. In the course of using the concept, the main features of competitors’ products are highlighted, and comparison is made. Using the strategy, it is important to operate with objective information.
  5. Reputation products. Option effective for companies that already have successful experience in the market.

An important indicator for positioning is the price. In a competitive environment, manufacturers of goods or services are trying to make it lower. At the same time, the price is positioned in relation to the quality.

How to build a concept


The concept of positioning includes:

  1. Detailed marketing research. Include an assessment of the perception of the brand by consumers, and analyzes their expectations.
  2. Complete study of competing masses.
  3. Unique offer. It focuses on the benefits of buying a product or service. The platforms for promotion are chosen, the main idea of the brand is clearly formulated, and the color, visual and other characteristics of the product that “clings” to the consumer are used.
  4. Legend is an important point of the concept. A fascinating story without a negative, cause’s confidence in the product, increases the reach of the target audience.

Within the framework of any concept, long-term brand development is planned. Here a program is developed and the terms of further actions, the definition of additional benefits, their report to the client.
The process of building a brand positioning concept is quite complicated. Professionals will help to avoid mistakes. An audit of the brand, the development of its positioning will be carried out for you by the specialists of the Moscow agency anvil hook. Your concept will work:

  • strategists;
  • creators;
  • designers.

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