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What is the system of identification of a brand or, in other words, – the corporate style? This positioning of a brand, the concept of his communication with audience expressed in visual images. Corporate style distinguishes the company from competitors.

Any goods or service can reveal for the consumer, using a number of visual communicative images. Basic elements are a logo, the trademark, signature colors and fonts. But in order that the company survived in the competitive environment, it is necessary to develop other components of its style.

Requirements to recognition of a brand reached new level. The important role in this process was played by globalization and merge of the markets. Now standards of visual identification became identical to all. Only following their key principles it is possible to keep afloat.

The identity of the modern company has to be integrated easily on any Wednesday, so to be flexible. The through identity has to identify instantly and precisely who possesses this or that message. In the long term process of identification at target audience will happen already subconsciously – the effect of imprinting so works.

The corporate style can be based on brand story, somebody an image metaphor or even creative abstraction. The main requirement – all visual images have to operate subconsciously emotions of the consumer, accurately and well declare a brand position.

All being identities of the company have to be easily readable and applicable in any communication channels: on the business card, the website or in interior design. To achieve such effect – the main objective of a system of visual identification.

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