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A high-quality and well-thought-out legend is a sign of a strong and successful company in the market.

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The product with an emotional and historical background differs from not remarkable goods in existence of well thought over brand story. The legend of a brand is not a just advertising course. It is the main channel of communication of a brand with the audience. In consciousness of the consumer the product strongly is associated with history which accompanies it. This story "clings", forces audience to communicate with a brand and works at the time of making decision on purchase.

The "working" brand legend models:

Sketch from the consumer's life

This brand story type is under construction on observations of real life of the consumer and on what place the product takes in his life. The image, which is quite, spread around. It is enough to remember commercials of juice/yoghurts/flakes for a breakfast in which the happy family gathers at one table to regale on a product.

Real story of the brand/founder or ordinary employee of the company

In this case brand story is the story told without considerable exaggerations from life of the company. On it all communicative message of the company to the consumer is under construction further. For example, the confectioner Josef Hipp prepared nutritious mixes for the newborn daughter – the history of a brand of Hipp baby food began with it.

Way of life of target audience

Unlike a sketch from life in this model the emphasis is placed not on a concrete episode (a breakfast with family), and on an audience way of life in general. Desires, views and habits of «СA» are analyzed. As an example we will remember advertising of the majority of men's deodorants which usually is based on desire to attract an opposite sex and to show the courage.

Unreal circumstances

Brand story takes in a basis a situation which is impossible in real life – a violet cow «Milka», transformers on city streets from advertising Snickers or the speaking M&M’s candies.

Creation of mood of a brand

Brand story tries to influence audience emotionally: so, perfume is associated with femininity and tenderness, the car – with courage and self-confidence, candies – with romanticism and love.

Symbolical character

At the heart of brand history – the character, who kind of symbolizes the potential buyer of a product. The most known example is the freedom-loving cowboy of Marlboro who considerably influenced in due time growth of sales of a brand and became the smoking promoting reason.

Emphasis on the production technology

The history is formed around the super modern production technology, as in commercials of household appliances, or unique process of production. Relevant for tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages.

Scientific component

In communication emphasis on the facts, researches and evidential base is placed. Our product is the best – is so told by science.

The legend of a brand can be based on any history – real or fictional. But it does not undertake from the CEO's head. Creation of brand story is an analysis target audience and competitors, work with positioning of a brand and creation of its communication. The thought-over legend of a brand will emphasize differences and benefits of the advertised product.

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