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WorldClass Miratorg

Released Miratorg together with network of WorldClass fitness clubs a joint line of stakes. The ruler is focused on the people playing sports and supporting a healthy lifestyle. Each packing contains the recommendation of one of trainers of WorldClass, and all importance is taken out largely in the form of kleyms. Stakes from veal and marbled beef contain a large amount of proteins, B12 vitamin and iron.

Our team developed design of packing for all rulers, including stakes from beef and veal. As primary colors “native” colors of lines of Miratorg were used (craft for beef and pink for veal) that keeps continuity to the main rulers and helps to orient quicker to the consumer. There were red dies with the recommendation of WorldClass and pictograms with different types of sport. On a front part all importance concerning balance of fats/proteins/carbohydrates and also contained in a stake of vitamins is taken out.

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