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Web design

Web-design – the development of an orderly structure of all pages on the site, their competent visual design, taking into account the chosen subject and tasks of the Internet platform. Judging by the statistics, the first 2-3 seconds of familiarizing a person with an online platform affect its success. The user will lack this time for viewing of all types of products and services, assessment of convenience of navigation or acquaintance with actions and special offers. However several seconds of stay of the client on the online platform sufficient in order that he paid attention to decorating of a resource. Therefore, the web design plays a role of a peculiar rod which can catch potential buyers or allow them to pass by.

In addition, the appearance of the site helps to give the brand originality and distinguish it from its competitors. The quality of graphics gives the target audience the opportunity to assess your level of respect and attitude towards clients.

During the creation of the site design, our studio specialists first of all analyze to find out what kind of impression the users have when viewing pages on the Internet with a certain design. To do this, we use the technique of “user experience” (UX design).

In the process of developing a web-design concept, our specialists offer at least 3 variants of color, font, stylistic design, forms of visual elements, placement of buttons, lists, etc. We care about the convenience of using the site by users and listen to the wishes of customers.

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