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The most important element of consumer branding. The first thing the buyer pays attention to.

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Structural design - why is it needed?


In consumer branding, packaging plays a big role. It is believed that with its help there is a “dialogue” between the consumer and the product. Ideal packaging reflects the history of the brand and all its strengths. Tara also attracts a buyer, as each company carefully works on its appearance. Structural packaging design is responsible for such characteristics in its design as:

  • uniqueness of the form;
  • material selection;
  • set of functional characteristics.

Practice has shown that changing the packaging design does not always require a price increase. At the same time, if there are additional useful functions, the buyer is willing to pay more for it.

Modern market realities


Periodically the packaging needs adjustment. This is addressed by all known brands. If changes are made to the form, color and graphic design, it becomes more convenient to use, it invariably attracts the buyer (or retains, if we are talking about a well-known product).

Its design takes into account:

  • manufacturing technology;
  • properties of the goods that are placed in it;
  • storage conditions required by the products;
  • way of transportation.

Take into account the possibility of recycling packaging. The peculiarity of the advertising policy of the brand

Basics of structural design


From a technical point of view, any package plays the role of a shell in which the goods are placed. When designing it, three fundamental factors are taken into account:

  • Visibility on the background of packings of competitors selling similar goods by properties.
  • The presence of channels for verbal and non-verbal transmission of information about products.
  • Appropriate appearance.

The trademark and technical texts are necessarily applied to the container, and the color gamut that distinguishes the brand is also used. Packaging materials, its shape, design are selected in accordance with the specifications. Artistic design is a process that is closely related to engineering. Registration should be developed and adjusted at all stages of the creation of containers. Due to this, there is a high probability of reaching the ideal final decision.

It is obvious that the shape of the packaging should be extremely ergonomic. In this aspect, the human hand becomes a reference point. The buyer should not have any difficulties to keep the container with the goods. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a small weight.

Professional solutions


Structural packaging design involves a number of nuances. In particular, it is necessary to take the same serious approach to engineering and artistic design. The process requires a lot of time and experience. The best solution is to contact a professional organization. High-quality structural design offers our company.

We have extensive experience in consumer branding. Creating a container, we will carefully follow your wishes and specifications. As part of the structural design, we are conducting an audit of the brand, studying its history and all the strengths. This gives us the opportunity to create packaging as closely as possible to requests, “able” to establish effective contact with the target audience. Order a job from us: leave a request on the website or call. The cost of services depends on the scale of the project, and the complexity of its implementation.

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