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Nowadays, promotional packaging is increasingly being used regardless of the product. It performs several tasks:

1) Isolation of a brand against competitors in peak demand When the need for your products increases by an order of magnitude, interesting promotional packaging is an additional opportunity to attract attention to the brand. And in individual product groups this is the last chance to be in the field of view of potential consumers. For example, before the Christmas holidays, network retailers usually recommend manufacturers to present their products in a festive setting. Before a product in such a thematic package gets on the market, it must first of all interest retailers. For many product groups, the height of sales falls at the beginning of winter - just before the New Year, the total turnover in the market increases by about a quarter. The next “wave” of target audience activity is the spring holidays.

2) A reminder on the company and installation of emphasis that the firm exists the life of clients Use of any significant event, celebration, the start of a season as a reason for active marketing actions — the effective method used by brands in various advertising communications. Packing does not remain unaddressed as at competent placement of goods on shelves the effectiveness of this channel is in the supermarket at the high level. Shop — that place where the advertising message will reach the consumer with the minimum chain between it and the commission of potential purchase.

3) Strengthening the action of advertising or the development of additional PR-course Packing — one of the main elements of any promo-company of an FMCG- brand. The outer sheath of goods gets to the center of advertising communication (it can be television, typographical editions, the Internet). Many manufacturing companies use packaging as an additional advertising medium. In some cases, limited edition packaging plays the role of the main media channel of the promotional campaign.

4) Increase loyalty of the target audience to the enterprise Limited edition develops the company, bringing new information about it.

5) Attracting a new CA Promo packaging is a significant communication tool that allows you to attract potential customers. After reviewing a small release of goods with a special design, disinterested people can pay attention to the brand itself.

6) Testing new products In the case of planning to launch a new sales offer, limited edition is a good way to draw consumer attention to the new product and “test the ground”. At the same time, it does not matter if we are talking about increasing the product line or developing new products.

7) Price increase The outer sheath can not only become the advertising course for drawing the attention of the audience to goods. Sometimes the formation of the cost of a product depends on it.

8) Providing information about the company when it is not possible to use other sources of advertising Firms with a limited set of marketing tools often need to use promo-packing. Such companies try to use this source of advertising most effectively.

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