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Motion Design - creating animated graphics visual design that animates a still image using three main advertising channels - picture, sound and text.

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Why video is essential

Motion Design is the best option for creating concise and informative video.

Motion graphics are widely used on the Internet, media sources, advertising, in the development of mobile applications, games, etc.

Main advantages:
—- Fast transmission.
- Implementation of complex ideas in a simple way.
- Retention of the viewer's attention.

Types or trends in movie design:

Today, video is the most effective and fastest way to present your brand and convey information to the audience.

The world of Motion Design is very diverse and we will help you understand each of its aspects.

How do we do? Development stages

We are not just making a beautiful video! To create a high-quality video that meets declared functions we carry out a set of works:

Stage 1 - Research. Brand analysis Audience analysis Market analysis Competitor analysis

stage2 - Key takeaways и позиционирования

stage3 - Development/plan

  • 1. этап

  • Анализ

  • Анализ

  • Анализ

  • Анализ

  • 2. этап

  • 3. этап

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