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one of the main elements of the brand's visual presentation.

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Creation of the brand logo

The logo is derived from a combination of aviation symbols and IT technologies. Stylized symbols and signs are combined into a single one and simplified as much as possible. Two colors are used, red represents life (reality) and blue symbolizes technologies.

From the best sketches and a concept to the final version
Stages of developing a corporate logo

The work on the logo goes through several stages, at each of which the necessary correction of the visual expression of the company's essence is carried out.

  • Competitoranalysis

  • Searchfor ideas

  • Developmentof sketches

  • Finalelaboration

  • Presentation


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Logo - one of the main elements of the visual presentation of the brand. His goal is to highlight the company in a competitive environment, while it must be memorable, concise and understandable. During the creation of the logo, it is important to consider that the logo of the company must bear a certain meaning, it is easy to read and create the correct first impression. When developing such a laconic element, all the details matter: the font, colors, shapes - all components must be harmoniously combined and convey the basic idea of the brand at first glance.

Logo design process

The creation of the considered element is carried out in several stages. Before starting the development of the mark itself, it is necessary to formulate a number of requirements for it. It is advisable to develop a detailed positioning that sets the direction for the future character. Equally important is the name of the company created on its basis. It significantly affects the design of the future mark.

The main criteria for creating a logo:

  • uniqueness;
  • relevance;
  • readability;
  • memorability;
  • Compliance with modern trends.

All logos can be divided into three main groups:

  • graphic symbol (sign);
  • font design of the name;
  • Combination of symbol and name (log block).

Often there is a descriptor in the logos - an additional block with a text description that deciphers the brand's line of business.


Logo design

One of the main stages of building a visual identification of a company is the development of a logo design. Often, the logo plays the role of the main element in the communication of the brand with the client, so its design should pay special attention.

Many marketing studies confirm that a good logo helps increase the loyalty of the target audience to the company. Brand design, product use experience and price remain the three most important criteria for customers to choose a brand.

How much does logo design cost?

The price of logo development depends on the tasks and some nuances. Brand name can be created for a new company or already existing in the market. It can also be a rebranding (global brand renewal), including changing the name of the company, the emblem and design in general, or a slight restyling. Of course, the latter option is cheaper than creating a logo from scratch.

There are a number of other factors that affect the appearance of the logo. Its final price depends on their combination.

Why should you trust us to create a logo?

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