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Copywriting composition
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Copywriting is the solution to the problems of product promotion and sales growth with the help of text.
Writing text that increases sales, promotes a product, brand, or service.


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The ability to write texts is not easy to work with the word. The text should encourage action. In this case, the purchase of goods. Flirting with grammar and a jumble of quotes is unlikely to have the desired effect. Clearly formulated these are the main advantage of print advertising.

Another mistake that makes advertising text weaker is the desire to make an impression. Here we need an approach from the other side.

At the first stage, collect all the necessary information for the work. Now it’s worth answering a few questions:

  • Who is your target audience? To whom will the advertisement be addressed?

Work not with an abstract group of people, but with a concrete person you know.

Do you sell baby strollers? Think of your neighbor, who is just waiting for a child. What would be important for her when buying a stroller?

  • What do you want to tell the potential buyer? What offer to make? Think not “how to say”, but “what to say.” Reduce the appeal to one accessible thought.
  • What evidence can you bring to your advantage? Why is your offer valuable to the audience?
  • What is your ultimate goal? What impression should remain after reading the text?

The components of the advertising text

Looking through print ads, a potential buyer pays attention to the following nuances:

- Illustration always attracts more attention. The picture should be informative - only then there will be a desire to read the text further;

The title is the following, what the reader pays attention to. Any illustration, even if it is a picture of a famous master, needs a small explanatory plate. In this case, this label will be a short and memorable title. It should complement the meaning of the illustration, but not repeat its meaning.

Print advertising should be akin to a poster. Never expect the reader to pay attention to the text in small print. You have no more than 1 second to interest the reader and convince him of the vital need of your product.

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