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Key visual - basic information about brand and product incorporated in one key image!

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Main goals:

Key visual is a great way instead global rebranding update information or adapt it to specific task

- One of the main ways of interaction with your audience to deliver key brand features - Increase brand awareness - Formation of a positive image of Your brand - Increase brand loyalty

Development stages

The final result should attract customers and reflect key product benefits.

  • Ideas research

    development of concepts and options for future products.
  • Concept development

  • Color Picker

  • Working with fonts

  • Finalization


or write a message to whatsapp

or write a message to whatsApp

To display the main message of the advertising campaign and in an available form to inform of the idea target audience, it is worth ordering the development of key visual in creative studio Anvilhook. The main image has to be memorable, form a unique image of the company and cause the correct emotions in potential clients. It will allow adjusting communication with consumers and also to focus attention on originality of a brand, goods or service.

We laboriously study features of your positioning, we analyze the market to develop key visual which will be:

  • to display the main idea of a brand;
  • to combine color font constants;
  • will unite all elements of corporate style;

For the creation of basis on which all advertising campaign will be based our experts will book internal audit of the organization and will select the main theses. On the prepared base, the positive associations promoting an increase in the popularity of a brand, at the same time and the increase in sales is formed.

Using a key image helps us make your company recognizable to each client. Regardless of the source of advertising on which source of advertising (radio, printing, television, online sites), our team of experts will develop the perfect content that reflects the history of the brand. Due to this, you will be able to bypass your competitors in the market, create the desired image, and increase profits.

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