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A set of rules and recommendations detailing the brand and the subtleties of its use

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Guideline is a document that contains all the necessary information about the company and describes the subtleties of using the brand. It includes a set of rules and recommendations, as well as ready-made design solutions. A guideline consists of the following elements:

  • introduction and brief information about the company;
  • rational and emotional justification of the brand name;
  • logo application: horizontal / vertical, color or black-and-white, image on a different background, use on various advertising platforms, different methods of manufacturing;
  • colors and fonts;
  • design elements: corporate ornament (pattern), images, background, dies, etc .;
  • rules for creating layouts and / or ready-made templates for outdoor advertising, printing, making souvenirs, etc.

Guideline Use

  • reduction of expenses. This refers to both temporary and financial expenses.
  • finding a common language with all advertising contractors. Guideline will need to create a signboard, making a package, tailoring a form, ordering a design or developing a website.
  • make your life easier.

Participation in exhibitions, the organization of holidays, the development of a new banner for Internet sources, the creation of an electronic presentation, the production of corporate gifts for partners - all this takes a lot of time and effort. It is necessary to draw up technical specifications for the designer, coordinate the layout, choose the font design, colors, background, photos, idea. However, customers will not be able to recognize your brand if, in addition to the brand name, each ad uses different visual elements. A person will pass by, if the advertisement does not attract his attention within 2-3 seconds.

The idea and advertising communication is based on recognition and attractiveness. Visual elements must be developed consciously and without haste, described in a guideline, used on all advertising media. Do not reinvent the wheel every time.

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