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Food styling

Photographing products, ready meals, sweets, and food in general is an integral step in the branding of food industry enterprises. This art is used to shape the marketing policy and communication system of companies specializing in retail or production, as well as Horace-brands.

Food styling is considered a separate industry in professional photography. At the same time, this sphere focuses on the implementation of creative ideas and fantasies of a photographer, art director, chef, as well as the fulfillment of marketing objectives for creating an image and creating advertising images. A food styling expert should possess the skills of a professional photographer, designer, artist. At the same time, a food stylist needs to clearly grasp the idea of ​​a food stylist and art director who is responsible for developing the style and setting the direction for branding communications. Food styling vocation is not only a beautiful presentation of a particular product or a dish as a whole, but also an effective solution of the strategic and communication tasks of the company’s marketing policy.

The services of a professional food stylist are necessary for all enterprises that are related to the food industry. This group includes manufacturing holdings, confectioneries, retail companies and other organizations from the Horace industry. In short, the art of photographing food is used by all brands that require an appetizing pitch to advertise their products.

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