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Design of promotional materials

Our company pays special attention to the advertising materials created by it, so every detail should be endowed with special functionality. It is not enough to form only a vivid image, it is necessary to include the design of materials in the concept of company promotion. All elements of the material (from visual to text) must be developed taking into account the ultimate goals of their application, the values ​​of potential customers. You also need to take into account the corporate style and positioning of the enterprise.

We request a customer’s brand book, we offer the customer to fill out a brief to create the necessary material. To clarify all the nuances, we will conduct a personal conversation to determine the brand values ​​and clarify points that relate to the tonality of the perception of the brand by the target audience. On the basis of the information received, our specialists determine the basic guidelines for the work to be done.

Creating materials for presentations and advertising can be a one-time service or part of a complex of various PR tools. In the first case, this may concern the formation of a corporate style, logo design, creating booklets for a presentation / exhibition, etc. Sometimes the design of promotional materials is developed as part of a marketing campaign when it is necessary to place layouts in print media or banners on online sites.

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