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Brand Guidelines

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Brand book content

depends on a specific task and specifics of the company sector for which this book of corporate rules is being developed. The intent of brandbook is to protect elements of corporate identity and simplify work with advertising and printing agencies, designers and developers.

The correct brand identity that recur to the memories of consumers when they see or hear a name of a brand


Identity Code

Brandbook should be clear, convenient and meaningful.
Brandbook components

Brandbook’s content forms according to directions of enterprise and company scale of outreach.

  • Company `s

    Description of the logblock and its possible application
  • Corporate

    Applying corporate fonts
  • Brand

    Definition of palette colors
  • Business

    Documentation branding
  • Presentation

    Development of printed and advertising products
  • Outdoor

    Creating layouts for advertising materials
  • Navigation

    Description of navigation elements
  • A uniform

    Branding of uniforms and branded clothing
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Brand book

The work on building a brand has been completed – now it is important to fix its structural elements and the rules for their use on paper. To do this, create a brand book – one of the most important internal documents of the company. It should be spelled out what makes the brand unique: visual components, style-forming elements, philosophy, values, positioning.

Brandbook determines how the ideological and visual components will be used. Both its employees and attracted designers, advertising agencies should follow its rules. By creating a brand book, the company gets a complete brand image, optimizing advertising, and increasing awareness of the target audience.

Cost and development time

These factors depend on the volume of the book, the number of carriers included in it. On average, the lead time is 2 weeks.

The final cost is announced after the client has filled out the brief and the technical task has been approved. The funds invested in the creation of the brand book will pay off at the first collaboration with contractors.

What are the benefits of the brand book company:

  • supports the uniqueness and unity of the brand style
  • boosts corporate culture
  • helps to determine the company’s position in the market and among the target audience
  • works for the reputation of the company, presenting it as a serious player
  • reduces the cost of advertising and brand promotion

Constituent blocks of the document

  • ideological markers of the company – history, mission, values, target audience, development strategy;
  • graphic elements of the brand – logo, trademark, slogan, colors and fonts, other graphic objects. Frequently, the rules for formalizing documents, templates for official letters, requirements for maintaining social networks, corporate identity of employees, etc. are written in this block;
  • legal unit – regulates compliance with the copyright of the components of the two preceding paragraphs.

Stages of development of the document

First of all, the agency’s employees receive technical tasks. During the brief, the structure of the document is worked out, which is later approved by the customer. Further, the agency develops the main blocks and discusses the result of working with the customer. Only after the client fully approves the finished brand book, the book is sent to print.

We develop clear informative brandbooks at an affordable price. To order, simply fill out the feedback form on the website or call the contact phone number. Each client receives a free consultation from the specialists of our agency.

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